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#Welcome =

Welcome to the launch, welcome to the journey of project #TU=

Please visit and search through our website as we look to bring sport together in one common goal to battle abuse, racism, and inequality.

Follow our shared journey with you the supporters, with our clubs, our nations and our sporting heroes as we look to inspire, to bring raw passion and relatability to our sporting arenas whilst educating all on the effect abuse, racism and inequality has on all - and how we can all support one another in creating a better future.

Together United Founder, Simon Dickerson added: #TogetherUnited has been launched to highlight the effects of Abuse, Racism, and Inequality in sport and to educate everybody on these topics. It’s designed with the raw truth, the passion, and the drive to bring change in a personable, less corporate way. Bringing the whole sporting world together to find out how different sports can work together in one common goal.

It allows you to hear from, and relate to, your heroes on the affect this has on them both professionally and personally. While also acting as a support network for all in showing how others have dealt with the related issues that are not acceptable in day-to-day life, let alone in sporting arenas.

It’s good to talk, it’s good to listen, as we all stand together, ‘united as one’. #TogetherUnited.



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